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Overview of Website Settings

As an E-commerce platform specializing in cross-border dropshipping, ShopBase provides a wide range of features to help you optimize your online store. One of these features is the Website Settings, which includes General, Product, Cart goal, Language, Cookies banner, and Review rating.

In General section, you can easily customize your website's logo, favicon, description, and title to match your brand identity.

The Product section allows you to adjust the image ratio and cover, as well as adding a hover effect to enhance the user experience.

The Cart goal section lets you customize the cart amount and color, making it more attractive for customer to purchase. Regarding how to optimize cart goal for better order, you can refer to the related articles.

In the Language section, you can select the supported languages for your store to reach a wider audience.

The Cookies banner helps you comply with data privacy regulations by enabling or disabling cookies on your site.

Review rating section lets you adjust the icon and rating color to encourage customers to leave reviews and feedback.

This article will guide you through each section of the Website Settings and explain how to make the most of these features to enhance your online store's functionality and appeal.

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Overview of Website Builder
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How to use General in Website Settings?
How to edit your product in Website Settings?

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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