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How to use General in Website Settings?

Website settings are the configuration options and preferences that you can customize for your website. To access Website Settings, from your store admin go to Online Store > Design > Customize, then sellect Website Settings.

This feature is only available when you publish a website template powered by Website Builder.

General is a section in the Website Settings that allows you to make various changes to your online store. These changes include editing your store Logo, Favicon, Store description, Title, and more.

Logo: You can edit your store logo and upload an image file that is under 10MB in size.

Favicon: You can upload a favicon by an image file that is under 2MB in size.

Description: You can enter the description

Title: You can edit your store's title by typing it yourself or selecting a specific part of your store to use as the title.

Password: You can enable or disable password protection for your store to manage access.

To manage the access of web crawlers, you can edit the Robot.txt file.

Additional scripts: This allows you to add custom codes to make some useful changes to your store. Currently, ShopBase allows any of the following HTML tags.

For <head> section:

For <body> section:

If you are using the Theme Editor V2.0, please refer to this article to understand more.

Overall, the General section is an essential part of the Website Settings that allows you to make important changes to your store's branding and functionality.

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Updated on: 18/09/2023

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