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Overview of ShopBase app store

Apps can be easily installed into your online store to help you build a strong foundation for your business and add powerful features to your ShopBase admin dashboard. Understanding how to use these applications allows you to make the best use of ShopBase's resources for effective sales and business management.

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A. All apps walkthrough
B. App categories

A. All apps walkthrough

There are 2 types of apps on ShopBase: ShopBase built-in apps and third-party apps.

ShopBase built-in apps: are apps built, integrated to the exclusively to our platform, and supported by the ShopBase team.

Please see the following articles on how to use and install these apps in your ShopBase store:

Boost Convert: The ultimate solution to solve low conversion challenges, from increasing add-to-cart to boosting checkout rates by using sales pop, checkout notifications, sign-up notifications, and countdown timers.
Boost Upsell: Boost Upsell aims to increase order value & revenue with an evergreen selling technique, Up-selling & Cross-selling.
PrintHub: PrintHub can help Print-on-Demand products for your online store.
Migrate to ShopBase: Migrating all your products from other supported platform to your ShopBase store.
SiteKit Promotion Bar & Popup: All-in-one tool to generate more customers and subscribers with its high-converting and powerful features: Smart bar và Popup. Thus, boost the conversion and retention of your store.
Product Reviews: Product review allows you to add trustworthy customers' testimonials (including images, videos, etc) to increase brand awareness and highly engage with website visitors, thus encourage sales.
Ali Dropship Connector: Product sourcing solution for drop-shipping business.
Mabang ERP: Go-to solution for inventory and logistics management.

Third-party apps: are apps developed by third-party developers. These apps might have a fee associated with them. You can view the list of all apps in our app store here.

Please refer to this article on how to connect private apps to your store.

B. App categories

Finding Products: Includes apps that can help you find millions of products across any niche market, such as Ali Dropship Connector and PrintHub.
Fulfillment Management: Includes apps that can help with day-to-day product listings, inventory, orders, etc.
Store Optimization: Includes apps and features that can iterate new and better versions of your website - for more relevant traffic and higher search rankings.
Product Management: Includes apps and features that provides limitless customization to your products.
Marketing: Includes apps and features that can keep your customers engaged and coming back to your store.
Sales & Conversion: Includes apps that can convert store's visitors into buyers, and one-time shoppers into loyal customers.
Customer Support: Includes apps that help with your store's customer support service.
Analytics: Includes apps and features that can help you get notified about sales metrics.

Install apps into my ShopBase store
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Updated on: 19/08/2022

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