On this page:

A. All types of discounts can be created with ShopBase

B. Instruction to create discounts or discount codes

C. Managing existing discounts

A. All types of discounts.

ShopBase allows creating codes for:

Fixed amount
Percentage discount
Buy-X-get-Y discount
Free shipping discount.

As a store owner, you can:

Create the discount codes
Set sale prices for individual products.

B. Instruction to set up the discounts.

Each type of discount comes with different setting instructions. Check the detailed instructions for each:

Create a discount code
Set up sale prices on products

C. Managing existing discounts

1. Edit a discount.

On the Discounts sections:

Click the name of the discount that you want to edit.
Edit the discount's settings.
Click Save.

2. Disable/Re-enable a discount

You can temporarily disable then re-enable an unexpired discount. If a customer applies a disabled discount code to their cart, then they receive an error message.

On the Discounts page, locate the unexpired discount that you want to disable and click the discount's name.
Under the discount's name, click Disable/Enable.
Click Disable/Enable to confirm.

3. Delete discounts

Open the discounts that you want to delete from the Discounts page,
Scroll to the bottom >> click Delete discounts
Click Delete to confirm

You can delete multiple discounts with a bulk action. On the Discounts page, check all the discounts you want to remove >> Click Actions >> Delete discounts:

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