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How to handle PlusBase on-hold orders

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On-hold orders indicate the orders that cannot be processed or fulfilled due to a range of issues or factors, including unavailable product links, unavailable product variants, or inability to deliver to buyer's address, etc.These issues often occur due to continuous changes by AiExpress suppliers, creating differences between the product import time and order fulfillment time. PlusBase is dedicated to notifying sellers about replacement links to avoid unexpected order cancellations.

Additionally, we will provide guidance on effectively resolving these issues.

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A. What is “Cannot fulfill” in order status?
B. How to locate an order that is currently on hold?
C. What happens when an order is put on hold?
D. How to resolve the fulfillment issue?
E. What happens if the replacement link is not eligible?

A. What is "Cannot fulfill" in order status?

Cannot fulfill in an order status means that the order cannot be fulfilled for some reasons.

The status Cannot fulfill can arise for various reasons, including:

The product link on AliExpress is unavailable: The requested link on AliExpress at the time of fulfillment is not valid.

Product variant not found on AliExpress: The product variant that the buyer ordered at the time of fulfillment is out of stock or not available.

The product cannot be delivered to the buyer's address: the requested AliExpress link at the time of fulfillment does not support shipping to the buyer's address.

The product cost on AliExpress has increased: the price of the product on AliExpress at the time of fulfillment has increased.

If a product has several orders with different issues, you may receive a warning that lists all the problems of these orders.

For example: If a product has two orders, one that cannot be delivered and another one with a variant that cannot be found, you may encounter a warning like changes in AliExpress shipping countries and product variants.

B. How to locate an order that is currently on hold?

Store admin dashboard

When you access the Home page on the admin dashboard, an alert will immediately display the number of orders that cannot be fulfilled.

All products page

In the Dropship Products > All Products section, under each product title, there will be a red notification indicating the number of orders that cannot be fulfilled.

To specifically filter products with order issues, go to More filters and select Has Order Issue > tick the option for Yes.

All orders page

Go to All orders, in the Fulfillment Status section, select Cannot Fulfill to filter all orders that have issues.

Mobile app

If you have the mobile app installed, it will push notifications to alert you when an order cannot be fulfilled.

C. What happens when an order is put on hold?

When an order is put on hold with a status of Cannot fulfill, there are several pieces of information you may encounter on the order detail page.

Countdown time to provide alternative link

This countdown time in order detail page indicates a deadline by which you may need to provide a replacement link to resolve the fulfillment issue.

Error message under each item of order

Under each item in the order, there may be an error message or notification that explains the specific issue preventing fulfillment, such as Failed to map variants or Not found shipping carrier, etc.

Order profit display Hold

During the on-hold period, the profit may be temporarily held or displayed differently until the issue is resolved. However, this profit will still be added to the Available Soon in balance. After order processing, the profit will transfer to Available to Payout. Therefore, it's crucial to provide a replacement link as soon as possible to ensure prompt profit availability.
To learn more about how PlusBase calculates order profit, please refer to this article.

Order timeline message

The message Order was pending fulfillment due to product issues indicates that the order cannot be fulfilled at the moment due to issues related to the product.

D. How to resolve the fulfillment issue?

Providing alternative link

In the product detail page, click on Provide alternative link, enter alternative link(s).

Please note that you can only submit once, and alternate links must match the variant and shipping country of the ordered item(s). You can provide up to 10 alternative links. It's recommended to provide more than one to increase the chances of fulfillment.

If the cost of the alternative link differs from the original requested link, the profit will be adjusted accordingly.

After providing the alternative link

The system will send a notification to confirm that the alternative link has been successfully provided.

Result of resolving the fulfillment issue

On the Home page, the quantity of orders that cannot be fulfilled will decrease.

In the Dropship Products > All Products, the red alert indicating issues will disappear.

In the Orders > All Orders, the order status will change from Cannot fulfill to Unfulfilled

In the order detail page, the countdown time alert will disappear, but the order profit will still be on hold. The order timeline will log a message indicating that You have provided alternative product links to remove the pending status and continue processing the order.

In AliExpress product, a new SO with the alternative link will be created.

If the provided link is suitable, the order will be fulfilled, and the order status will change to Processing. The order profit will be updated in the invoice, taking into account the cost of the alternative link compared to the original link.

If the product in the the alternative link remains unavailable, PlusBase will take necessary steps to process the order effectively. These steps may involve replacing the order supplier with PlusBase's recommended supplier and recovering any relevant expenses from the seller. Alternatively, the order might be canceled, and the buyer will receive a refund, with the deduction of the seller's order profit.

If the seller does not provide an alternative link within the specified timeframe, the order's timeline will be updated with a warning No alternative product link provided. Pending status of order removed as response time ended, and processing continues. PlusBase will take appropriate action to process the order effectively. This may include replacing the order supplier with PlusBase's suggested supplier and collecting any associated costs from the seller, or canceling the order and refunding the buyer while deducting the seller's order profit, among other possible solutions.

Please refer to the Policy for PlusBase's sellers via this article.

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Updated on: 05/12/2023

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