How to customize Cart drawer in Website Builder

The Cart drawer opens from the Cart icon on the store's header area, helping your customers review carts wherever they are in your store, with a clear design for better view. The Cart drawer is created by default in the store and is always located in the Footer section of the Website Builder.

This article will show you how to edit the Cart drawer on your store.

Before customizing, you need to configure your Cart block to open the Cart drawer to show the Cart drawer when the buyer clicks on the Cart icon on the header. Read more here.

The blocks are displayed by default and fully inside the Cart drawer so that customers can easily view the cart. However, you can also select each element to edit as you wish. The blocks constituted inside the Cart drawer are as follows:

Heading: This displays the title of the Cart drawer.

Cart goal: The message that encourage the customers to add items to the cart. Visit this article for more information.

Cart items: This displays the list of items in the cart, see more configuration here. (helpdocs link)

Cart Summary: This shows total value of items in cart, see more configuration here. (link helpdocs)

Button: Go to cart (directs buyers to the Cart page) or Checkout buttons (direct buyers to Checkout page), help customers better navigate to destinations quickly.

Updated on: 19/05/2023

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