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To personalize your own print-on-demand products (by adding custom text, uploading photos, choosing photo options), ShopBase & PrintBase officially provide feature named Personalized Campaign. This is a great way to easily create more personalized products and increase conversion rate of your store. This article will show you how to create a Personalized campaign with PrintBase and ShopBase.

In this section:

A. Types of personalized campaigns that are supported

B. How to create a personalized campaign

C. How to process a personalized order

D. Unique features, design effects of personalized campaigns

A. Types of personalized campaigns that are supported

Customize text

Buyers are able to change text in the product's design. It's suitable for campaigns which's related to adding name of family's members to sell in Mother, Father Day, names of pets, or your own names for hobbies niche, etc.
Demo campaign of customizing text

These following characters are allowed:

Characters: A - Z, a - z, space, dash (-), underscore (_)
Numbers: 0 - 9, negative numbers
Special characters: punctuations (, . : ! ?), others (~ @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) + = [ ] { } \ / | " ')


Please make sure your font supports these characters before launching your campaign
Characters that are not listed above will be considered as invalid characters and buyers cannot checkout when using these invalid characters

Upload personal images to the product's design

Buyers are able to upload their own images from their computers or mobile phones to replace some contents of the product design. Sellers can consider this feature for campaigns having photos of family, anniversaries, wedding day, dating day, etc.

Demo campaign of uploading images and customizing text


Select image, text options

Buyer can choose options from a well prepared image and text list provided by the seller, instead of manually adding by themselves. This feature suits sophisticated campaigns in which buyers have ability to select the characters, hair colors, genders from the options you design.

Demo campaign of selecting images, text

B. How to create a personalized campaign

You can refer to this article to know how to create a personalized campaign with PrintBase and ShopBase (PrintHub)

Furthermore, if you have a non-personalized campaign and want to personalize it, or if you already have a personalized campaign and want to update it, go to the campaign detail page and click Edit personalization.

In the custom option set-up page, you can add, delete, and make changes to your custom options. Then click Save changes to update your campaign.

Campaigns created before March 15th, 2021 won't be editable.

C. How to process a personalized order

For PrintBase, personalized orders will be automatically processed by PrintBase within 48 working hours to be ready for production.

For ShopBase, after you have created a personalized campaign with PrintHub, you could choose automatically fulfilling with PrintHub so that the system will automatically process the orders within 48 hours. If you do not want to fulfill the orders by PrintHub, you can export the orders, create your own print files and fulfill through your supplier as usual.

D. Unique features, design effects of personalized campaigns

Supports all complex Photoshop effects

By using modern technology to process PSD files, personalized features of PrintBase and PrintHub support all special effects such as patterns or masks of Photoshop. So, you can create special designs by creating curved text, making the display color more diverse, creating the text shadow which helps leverage sales & conversion rate of your business as well as satisfying your buyers with product quality.

Personalized features support complex Photoshop effects for customizing name

Buyers can preview the results of personalized product

After adding personalized text, selecting and uploading images, buyers can preview the result with preview design feature.


If the PSD file of the campaign uses complex effects that web technology does not support such as curved texts, mask patterns, etc., the live preview feature will not be enabled for that campaign.

When working with your designer team on the artworks, if you want to have the preview feature enabled, there won't be features such as Layer text with effects, Rotated image, and Layer Text with type options.

Photoshop effects that PrintBase Live Preview doesn't support yet

If you need help in creating a personalized campaign, please don't hesitate to contact the PrintBase and ShopBase support teams.
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