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Create layer group and use it in personalization

When creating new campaign using our Editor, you can combine layers into different groups so that:

Layers should be neatly organized and easily manageable.
You can sync the layer group to another base product while maintaining the relative position of each layer in the group, avoiding extensive editing in each base product.
You can create campaigns with multiple design versions for your customers to choose from (For example, personalized campaigns that allow your customers to select the number of characters on the product).

In this article, we will show you how to create layer group in just a few easy steps.

In this article

A. How to create a layer group
B. Use layer group to create personalized campaign with multiple design versions

A. How to create a layer group

In Layers section of your campaign editor window, click the Group icon to create a new layer group.

Click on the Drag icon and drag the layers you want to include in this group.

You can perform the following action to a layer group:

Change a layer group name: Double-click on the name.
Reorder a layer group: Click and hold your cursor on the layer group you want to reorder, then drag it to your desired position.
Sync a layer group to other base products: Click on the Sync icon.
Hide/unhide a layer group from your artwork: Click on the eye icon.
Duplicate, ungroup, and delete a layer group: Click on the more icon and select the respective button.

B. Use layer group to create personalized campaign with multiple design versions

An artwork for your campaign can have multiple design versions. By creating different design versions of your artwork, you can offer a more diverse selection to your customers when shopping on your store.

For example, you can create a campaign that allows your customers to select the number of pets (1, 2, or 3) to print on the product. To do so, you need to create 3 design versions of this campaign's artwork: One version with 1 pet, one with 2 pets, and one with 3 pets.

Example of campaign with multiple design versions.

Step by Step Tutorial

This is a general guide to creating a campaign with multiple design versions. You can refer to this article for detailed step-by-step instructions on creating a campaign with multiple design versions of pets using our resource package along with a demo campaign.

Step 1: Prepare your design

Create layer groups for each design version of your artwork. For example, in the pet campaign above, you will need to create 3 layer groups of 3 design versions.

Any layer that is shared between different design versions does not need to be grouped.

You can utilize the Duplicate button to quickly create layer groups.
To show or hide a group layer, use the eye icon. This allows you to see how the layers of a group are displayed on the design.

Step 2: Synchronize the layer groups to all base products

In case your campaign includes multiple base products, you can sync all layer groups so that they appear in all base products.

Click on the Sync button next to your desired layer group name to start the syncing process.

For 2D products of the same campaign, layers will be automatically synchronized with the same content, quantity, and sorting order. They will share a Link button as in the photo below. Please refer to this article for more information.

Adjust the position and size of each group on the synced base products to match the product's template.

You only need to sync layer groups that are used for your customers to choose the design version. You can set up custom options for these groups in step 3.
Once a group is synced, any changes to the group (such as renaming, adding/removing layers, deleting, and so on) will be updated to all base products that this group is synced to.

Step 3: Create custom options to customize layer groups

This will help your customers select which design version they want for their product.

To customize a group, in the Campaign editor window, click the < button in Custom Options section.

When there are more than 2 layer groups, the Customize groups button will become available. Click this button and set up the conditions to customize your group.

Display option as: Select the type of custom option for your group. You can select among Droplist, Radio, and Picture choice. Please see the gifs below on how these types will look like on your storefront.
Label: Enter the name of the custom option.
Values: By default, the names of your groups will be displayed here. You can rename these values as you see fit. You can reorder them as well by clicking on the icon and dragging them to the desired position.
Default Group to show on the Mockups: Select a layer group to show on the product's mockups. Since these groups will be displayed in different design versions of your artwork, only one group can be used to render the product mockups.

The selected layer group will be automatically displayed on the product's mockup, even if it is hidden in the layer list.

Droplist type

Button type

Picture choice type
Step 4: Create custom options for other layers

You can create custom options for each artwork layer by following the instructions in this article.

You can create custom options for a layer in or out of a group as you see fit.
Custom options can be reordered, but keep in mind that custom options for layers in a group must be placed under the custom options used to customize that layer group.
If there are layers that serve the same purpose in different layer groups, you can give them the same name, or select all of them as the target layers when creating custom options so that the custom option can be applied.

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Updated on: 22/11/2022

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