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To add your feeds to Google Merchant Center, first you need to verify your ShopBase store's URL. There are many ways to verify, so please choose one of the following methods to do the verification.


Step 1: Enter your website URL in Merchant Center

Step 2: Verify your website URL

Step 3: Claim your website URL

Step 1: Enter your website URL in Merchant Center

If you already had Google Merchant Center account and wants to verify with ShopBase store, please go to step 2
Sign in to your Merchant Center account.

On the navigation panel on the left, click Business Information.

Select Website section, and go to Website URL.

Enter your URL (that fulfills all requirements here), then click Save.

Step 2: Verify your website URL

Note: If you have verified your website during setup, please move on to Step 3 to claim it.

You can either verify with HTML tag, Google Analytics, or Google Tag Manager.

A. Verify with HTML tag (Recommended)

Sign in to your Merchant Center account.

Go to Business Information > Website.

Under I have access to my server, choose Add an HTML tag to my homepage.

Copy the meta tag created for your account.

Go to your store's ShopBase admin > Online Store > Preferences > Additional scripts section.

Insert the meta tag to the Head tag. Save your change.

B. Verify with Google Analytics

For this option, you must be an adminitrator of your Google Analytics account. The tracking code is only used to verify your website ownership. No data on your account will be accessed.

Please follow the instruction here to verify with your Google Analytics account.

C. Verify with Google Tag Manager

Install a container to your website. You must have the “Administrator” role on Google Tag Manager account level. The container ID is only used to verify website ownership. No data on your Google Tag Manager account will be accessed.

Sign in to Google Tag Manager.

Create a container.

Go to ShopBase admin and follow one of the following options:

Setup Google Analytics on your store, then click Add custom Javascript and insert the container snippet to the field.

Go to Online Store > Preferences > Additional Scripts. Insert container snippet to the Head field.


Step 3. Claim your website URL

To exclusively use your website in connection with your Google Merchant account, you need to claim your website URL.

A. Claim a new URL to Google


Return to your Website page on Merchant Center account.

Choose your verification option.

Go to Google Search Console and choose to verify URL.

Go back to your Google Merchant Center. Click Claim URL to finish.

B. Claim a URL you've verified before in Google Search Console

You can claim your URL by adding the same email address for both your Merchant Center account and your Search Console account.

If your domain is already verified in an existing Google Search Console account, the easiest option to claim the URL in Merchant Center is to add the Google Account for your Merchant Center account as an Owner of the verified Google Search Console account.
Or, you can add a Google Account that is an existing Owner in the Search Console account as a login to your Merchant Center account.

After you add the same login email for both your Merchant Center and a verified Search Console account, you’ll see that your website is already listed as verified in Merchant Center. You’ll need to claim the website URL, either while you sign up for an account or on the About your business page by selecting the option to Claim website.

Note: After your URL is claimed, you’ll need to refetch your feed. If you use the Content API, you’ll need to re-upload your feed so it can be recrawled.
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