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Verify your ShopBase website on Google Merchant Center

To add your feeds to Google Merchant Center, first you need to verify your ShopBase store's URL. The steps to verify the link for ShopBase store includes: filling in website link in GMC, validating website link, and confirming website link. This article guides you through the steps to verify your website.

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A. Confirm website URL in Google Merchant Center
B. Claim the verified website URL with Google Search Console

A. Confirm website URL in Google Merchant Center

If you already have a Google Merchant Center account and wants to verify with ShopBase store, please go to step B.

Sign in to your Merchant Center account.

On the navigation panel on the left, click Business Information.

Select Website section, enter your URL in Your website address field and click Continue.

Google will display 3 ways for you to verify website links under the Verify your website section. Please select 1 of 3.

If you choose Add an HTML tag or upload an HTML file to your website, select Add an HTML tag and click to copy the code as in the image below. Then, on ShopBase admin, go to Online Store > Preferences > Additional scripts, paste the code in Head section and click Save. Go back to the verification page on GMC, click Verify website.

Click to copy code
Paste the code into Head section
Click to verify the website
If you choose Verify with Google Tag Manager, you need to be an admin in Google Tag Manager account take the container ID according to this guidance. On ShopBase admin, go to Online Store > Preferences > Google Analytics, click Add custom JavaScript, paste the container ID in the field and click Save. Get back to the website verification page on GMC, click Verify website.

Click to paste the container ID
Click to Verify website
If you choose Verify with Google Analytics, you need to be an admin of Google Analytics account and activate and link Google Analytics to website as guided in this article. After linking Google Analytics to ShopBase store, get back to the verification website on GMC and click Verify website.

Click Verify website

B. Claim a verified URL on Google Search Console

If your domain is already verified in an existing Google Search Console account, the easiest option to claim the URL in Merchant Center is to add the Google Account for your Merchant Center account as an Owner of the verified Google Search Console account.

After you add the same login email for both your Merchant Center and a verified Search Console account, you’ll see that your website is already listed as Verified in Merchant Center. You’ll need to claim the website URL, either while you sign up for an account or on the About your business page by selecting the option to Claim website.

After your URL is claimed, you’ll need to re-fetch your feed. If you use the Content API, you’ll need to re-upload your feed so it can be recrawled.

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Updated on: 22/08/2022

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