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Feed creation is complex and error-prone, so ShopBase gives you the feed creation tools to add to Facebook and Google within a few clicks. Once you've set up your feed, you can upload it to Google Merchant Center for Google Shopping ad campaigns. This article guides you to add a product feed to Google Merchant Center after you create a product feed on ShopBase.

Step by Step Tutorial

Sign in to your Google Merchant Center (GMC) account.

On GMC dashboard, go to Products on the left column.

If this is the first time you've created a feed on GMC, click on See all methods in Upload multiple products.

If you've created a feed before and now want to add a new feed on the GMC, Click Feeds on the left column under Products. Then press the plus sign as shown below to create your feed.

Select your Country of Sale, Language, and Destinations settings. Click Continue.

Fill in your Primary feed name. Select Scheduled fetch to connect your data. Click Continue.

On your ShopBase admin, go to Products >> Product feeds. Copy the feed link you want to add to Facebook.

Back to your GMC account, fill in your File name, Fetch frequency, Fetch time, Time zone, File URL and other information. For File URL, paste the URL in step 5 here. Select Create feed to start uploading the feed.

After being uploaded to GMC, the feeds will be listed in Primary feeds as below.

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