ShopBase normally accepts and proceeds refund requests in a flexible manner to make sure resolutions are at our customers' best interest. However, our resolutions do adhere to ShopBase's guiding policies, as detailed below.

We do approve refund requests under specific circumstances:

1. Charges right after your free-trial period ends.

If your free-trial ends before you complete all the setups and you no longer want to maintain it, you can request a refund for the upcoming period. The refund amount and method depends on your contact date:

If the first contact date is within 4 days after being charged, we will refund the subscription fee (4% processing fee with payment gateway not included) or add credits to another ShopBase store. Decisions will depends on our discussion for each case.

If the first contact date is later than 4 days, we can't issue refund in this case.

2. Move subscription from a store to another

If you have paid subscription for a store that hasn't generated any sales, you can request to move such amount to another store.

If your first contact date is within 5 days after your payment, we will move your subscription to another store.

If the first contact date is later than 6 days, we can't move subscription in this case.

3. Other cases

If ShopBase stores encounter unexpected technical issues that affected your business during your charged subscription period, or you have other reasons to request, please contact us via Live Chat so our agents can assist you.

How we proceed the refunds

1. By transferring money

If we accept to payback your fee, the refund amount will be transferred to your ShopBase Balance.

2. By adding credits

By using this option, credits will be added to your account and can be used to pay for other ShopBase services or stores.
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