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On the All orders page you can manage all of your orders produced by PrintHub's suppliers. In this article, we will help you understand order statuses on the All orders page.

To open the All orders page, from the admin page go to Manage Orders >> All orders. Here you will see all orders sorted into tabs corresponding to the status of that order.

All: All of your orders will be listed here to give you an overview of your business.

Other Fulfillment Services: lists the store's orders handled by other parties
Awaiting Payment: These orders have been paid by the customer to the store and are currently awaiting payment from the store to the supplier. PrintHub will automatically process these orders at 0:00 am (UTC + 0) and 12:00 pm (UTC + 0) daily. For smooth automatic payment, make sure your ShopBase Balance account has enough balance to pay. Please refer to this article to understand more about ShopBase Balance accounts. Besides, you can go to Manage Payment to manually pay your orders.

Awaiting Shipment: Order has been paid to the supplier with the balance in your ShopBase Balance account and is waiting to be printed and shipped to the customer. Our suppliers processing time usually ranges from 3 to 7 days until they can be shipped to customers

Fulfilled: These orders have been automatically fulfilled and are on the way to be delivered to your customers' hand. We'll update tracking number & send notifications to your customers automatically. Tracking numbers will also be updated in order status so you can easily keep track.

Canceled: When you cancel/ partially cancel or refund/ partially refund orders, they will be displayed here. You can only cancel unpaid orders since paid orders have been sent to our suppliers for fulfillment and cannot be cancelled at this point.

On Hold: In any cases you need more time to confirm your orders, you can put them on hold. You can only hold unpaid orders since paid orders have been sent to our suppliers for fulfillment and cannot be held at this point.

In Review: Orders with issues or errors will be shown here. We may need you to review and update your orders accordingly. If issues cannot be resolved, please contact us for more information.

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