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Troubleshooting: Issue with Ali Dropship Connector App

When using the Ali Dropship Connector app, you may encounter issues with orders or the connection between your AliExpress account and ShopBase. In this article, we have complied some of the most common issues you may encounter with the Ali Dropship Connector app. In case you can't find your issue listed below, please contact us via Live Chat to get immediate support.

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A. Why is my Ali Dropship Connector account disconnected from the AliExpress account?
B. Why can't I re-order canceled orders?
C. Why did my orders fail?

A. Why is my Ali Dropship Connector account disconnected from the AliExpress account?

Your authorization to connect the Ali Dropship Connector app to your AliExpress account expires every 30 days. When the authorization is expired, the app will display a message as shown below. Please click Reconnect now to reconnect the app to the same AliExpress account that you previously used in order to continue using Ali Dropship Connector.

B. Why can't I re-order canceled orders?

After orders are canceled on ShopBase, data will be immediately updated on Ali Dropship Connector. These orders will be moved to Canceled tab. Orders in Canceled tab cannot be re-ordered using Ali Dropship Connector app.

C. Why did my orders fail?

First, let's see what happens after you place an order on Ali Dropship Connector:

Orders are placed on Ali Dropship Connector.
Orders are paid on AliExpress.
AliExpress generates a tracking number for the order.
Ali Dropship Connector gets the tracking number from AliExpress.
The tracking number is automatically sent to ShopBase by Ali Dropship Connector.
Ali Dropship Connector automatically fulfills the order.
Ali Dropship Connector automatically triggers ShopBase confirmation email.
A fulfillment email is sent to your customer.

Although most of this process is done automatically, many steps are involved, leading to some errors. Below are some of the reasons why your orders may be failed:

Your connection to AliExpress has been expired. In this case, re-connect your Ali Dropship Connector account to AliExpress as guided in section A.
The product supplier on AliExpress changed SKU information or the product SKU is not found. To fix this, map the store product to the AliExpress product again so that product information can be updated. Please refer to this article for how to map products with Ali Dropship Connector.
The item you ordered is out-of-stock or no longer available on AliExpress. Kindly find another supplier on AliExpress for this product and change the mapping so that product information can be updated.
Your order cannot be shipped to the selected address due to weight/size issues. You will need to change your shipment method or supplier.
No shipping method has been selected.
The product you ordered is under particular regulation on AliExpress.

In these cases, please follow the instruction in the error message and click Re-order.

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Updated on: 13/09/2022

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