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Triangle Bikini Set's design guideline

Design guideline is an instruction to help you easily design product's artwork using PrintBase's available product templates. This set of guidelines not only walks you through the design process, but also includes our design samples for you to refer to.

This article will provide you with the guideline for Triangle Bikini Set product.

In this article

A. Product's template
B. Design guideline
C. Sample design file

A. Product's template

Kindly visit this link to download the artwork template for Triangle Bikini Set.

Refer to the below instruction to see how the template will be reflected on the actual product:

There are 2 ways to design this product's artwork:

Directly design on the product's template when creating a new campaign using our Campaign Editor.
Download the product's template from our Catalog and design using Photoshop.

Please note the following details in the template:

Dimension: 5780 x 2242 px.
Resolution: 150 dpi.
Entire blue areas and lines (Print Area): Artwork's print area. Your artwork must cover this entire area, not just the safe area.
Area within blue lines (Safe Area): Artwork's safe print area. Important details of your artwork should be placed within this area.
Red dashed lines (Alignment Line): These can be used as a guide to center your artwork on the template.
Blue dashed line (Crease Line): The lines that indicate where the raw edge will be folded over to make the hem.

B. Design guideline

Using Campaign Editor

Kindly follow the instructions in this article on how to edit your campaign's design in the Campaign Editor.

Using Photoshop

Add artwork to the template: On your device, click and drag your artwork from your folder to the template file as in the photo below.

Adjust your artwork: This product is made up of different pieces that have been put together (for example: front bottom piece, back bottom piece, etc.). Therefore, you should design them carefully so that these pieces match the purpose of your design and pattern layout.

Please adjust your artwork in the most balanced and appropriate way possible by referring to the template's red dashed lines (alignment lines).

Keep a safe distance between important artwork details and the lines around the Safe Area.

Save your file: After completing the above steps, hide the Product Info layers, release your artwork layer from the clipping mask, and keep the background layer. Then, click Save As or press Ctrl + Shift + S, and save the artwork in .PNG or .JPEG format.

Those are all the steps to design your artwork for Triangle Bikini Set. Then, you can upload this artwork and launch new campaigns by following the instructions in this article.

C. Sample design file

Please visit this link to our sample artwork and this link to view our demo campaign of this product.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can also see how your designs will appear on product mockups.

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Updated on: 23/08/2022

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