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A mockup is a 3D product image that you can display your design on so customers can visualize what the designs will look like when printed on the product. Different types of products will have different types of Mockup: T-shirt Mockup, Mockup Hoodie, Mockup Poster, Mockup Mug, ... This helps customers visualize how the design will be printed on the product and increase store conversion rates. This article shows you how to present your designs on Mockups provided by ShopBase for free.

Step by Step Tutorial

Download mockups from Free Mockup Library.

Open the file. You may need the Adobe Photoshop in your PC or you can use to edit the Mockup file online.

On Layers dashboard, fing the layers named print or print_front or print_back. Double click on the relevant image (called Smart Object thumbnail) and the program will open a new window, where you can change the exacting design to your own design.

After making your changes, click Ctrl + S or Cmd + S to save.

Go back to the initial file and you’ll see that your design is inscribed on the model.

Double click on the Smart Object layer

Make change before saving

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