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URL Redirect feature is used to shorten links or redirect URLs from one webpage to another. It helps you to have a short link a of product page using your own domain. In case you delete a product, you can create a URL redirect so that when customers click on the old URL of that product, they will be redirected to the new product on your ShopBase store. This part will instruct you on how to create a URL Redirect.

Step by step Tutorial

From ShopBase admin site, click Online Store >> Navigation

Select URL Redirects

Click Create URL Redirect

In Redirect from field, enter the original URL that you want to forward visitors from. In Redirect to field, enter the new URL that you want to forward visitors to. If you want to redirect your store's homepage, enter /.


The new URL can be either a shortened URL (for example, /collection/products) or a full URL (for example, You can use a short URL or a full URL to redirect URL within your primary domain; however, you can only use a full URL to redirect URL outside your primary domain.
You can't redirect URLs that begin with the following prefixes: /apps, /application, /cart, /orders, /shop, or /services.
Click Save Redirect.

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