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With our new built-in feature, customers can now add a tip to their order payment when they check out. They can add the tip as a percentage of order subtotal or as a custom amount. In this article, we will guide you on how to set up this tipping option for your orders.

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A. Set up tipping options for your orders
B. Refund a tip

A. Set up tipping options for your orders

You can create up to three tipping options that are a percentage of the order's subtotal (after discount is applied). Additionally, customers can add a custom tip upon their wish.

The field for the custom tip is set up automatically. You don't need to add it when you set up the tipping options.

From your ShopBase admin site, go to Settings > Checkout.

In Tipping section, tick Show tipping options at checkout.

Under Tipping options, enter a value in percent in the Option fields. You can add up to three different values.

Any Option field with 0% value will not be shown on your store's checkout page. If all three options have 0% value, only custom tip is displayed on the checkout page.

Click Save changes.

On the store's checkout page, customers can click Show your support for the team at (your store name) in Add tip and choose or enter the tip amount upon their wish.

The amount for custom tip must be greater than 0 and less than order's subtotal.
Customers are unable to add a tip to orders with a subtotal of 0 (after discount).

B. Refund a tip

For ShopBase stores

To include the tip portion in a refund, you must manually add the tip amount. You can edit the amount of the refund that includes the tip amount.
Please refer to this article for more information about refunding orders.

For PrintBase and PlusBase stores

If an item in your order is refunded to your customers, the tip amount for that item will be automatically refunded to your customer according to the value has been tipped previously.

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