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Set up Social Proof notification display in Conversion Optimizer

In this article, we will guide you to customize the display of Social Proof notifications in Conversion Optimizer application.

The updated version of Boost Convert - Conversion Optimizer app - will be available for ShopBase stores that are using Theme Version 3.0. If you are using an older theme version, please refer to this article on how to Set up Social Proof notification display using Boost Convert app.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your ShopBase admin, go to Apps > App > Conversion Optimizer. You can also access the Conversion Optimizer app by going to Marketing & Sales > Conversion Optimizer.

In Social Proof, select Settings.

Choose your preferred layout in Layout section.

Choose the layout in Theme settings with Basic theme and Customize theme.

By selecting Customize theme, you can freely customize the colors of the body background, time, and main text however you like.

In Display options section, you can:

Desktop position and Mobile position: Select the display position of the notification on the desktop and mobile view.
Show on mobile: Select this option so that notifications will be displayed on mobile view.
Display time: Set up how long you want the notification to be visible.
Display notifications in random order: Select this option if you want notifications to be displayed at random.
Maximum per page: Set up the maximum number of notification displayed on a page.
Delay time between notifications: Set up the time gap between 2 notifications.
Randomize delay time between notifications: Select this option if you want delay time to be put at random.
Delay time to show popup after loading page: Enter the delay time to show notifications after a page is loaded.
Only display synced orders that created within the last: Enter the days during which orders will be synced with Conversion Optimizer app.
Repeat sales notifications when there are no new order synced: Select this option so that popups will be repeated when there is no new order for syncing.

Click Save once finished.

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Updated on: 07/07/2023

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