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The ShopBase Localization feature is designed to convert currencies and languages to the buyer’s country whenever they browse through your store, helping you appeal to their culture and convert sales efficiently.
Content and prices will be translated for customers based on their default location or their selection upon request. It is designed to provide your customers with a familiar experience in their first language and currency. Although the theme is in English and USD by default, it has more options for customers to pick from.

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A. How ShopBase Localization works
B. Language Settings
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A. How ShopBase Localization works

1. Show a Global Switcher on your store

If you want to build a website from scratch, you can manually build a Global switcher block on the page by following these steps: Click the Insert panel in Web Builder > Search Global switcher > Drag the Global switcher block to the position you want on the page.

We recommend that you drag this block into the Header or Footer area so your buyers can have access to it on any page.

2. Customize a Global Switcher on your store

2.1. Edit the design for the block:

Select the Global Switcher block > Design tab.

Color switcher: You can choose the color for the block to match the other elements on the page.

Show icon: You can choose whether to show the Global icon.

Icon size: You can choose the icon size to increase recognition.

Other settings: You can set up these settings. Please refer to this article for more information.

2.2. Edit the content for the block:

Select the Global Switcher block > Content tab.

Language: You can show only the Language Switcher and not let the buyer change the currency.

Currency: You can show only the Currency Switcher and not let the buyer change the language.

Both: You can choose to show both options, giving the buyer the most flexibility in purchasing.

When the Global Switcher is turned on, all prices and content will be converted to the currency and language selected by the buyer. There are 3 types of contents:

Merchant's contents: All contents that merchants can change and customize. (For example: Product name, product description, etc..). These contents will not be translated to the selected languages.
Theme's contents: Fixed contents of the themes. These contents will be translated to the selected languages.
App's contents: Fixed contents of ShopBase's native apps (Boost Upsell, Conversion Optimizer, Reviews). These contents will currently be automatically translated to German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

This feature supports the ability to automatically detect a user's location and change the language based on that location. Other languages are translated from English. If you have any comments, please contact us and we will review them to improve the translation.

B. Language Settings

To configure the languages that will be displayed and translated on the store, please go to Website settings > Language.

Default language: By default, the selected language in the switcher will be based on the visitor's geo-location. If there is no matching result, the default language set up here is selected.

Supported languages : All languages displayed here will appear on the global switcher, and visitors can choose to change between these options.

Updated on: 09/05/2023

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