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The settings determine the information and layout of what's displayed on your product pages! You can locate these settings by heading into Customize > choose Product Pages in the drop-down page selector. Your theme editor on the left will then update with the product page settings.

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A. Header
B. Product Page



Fixed ('sticky') header: header will be displayed when scrolling the page.
Enable search: enable search shortcut in the header.
Show cart: present cart shortcut.
Cart icon: you can choose cart or bag icon.
Show announcement bar: tick if you want to show an announcement message.

Top Bar

Show top bar: enable to display top bar on the header.
Show social media header icons: tick if you want to display social media contact on the header.
Phone number: fill in the blank to show up.
Top bar menu: choose the menu to display on the top bar.

You can upload logo image for computer and mobile display.
Logo display width: choose a size for the logo.

Main menu: select menu to display on the header of the page.


Main menu top padding: align the layout.

Themes Settings

Add social media links to display the icons on the header.

B. Product Page

Product Gallery

Within the 'Product Gallery' settings you can choose to enable a lightbox that enable a product gallery slideshow.

Product Info

Breadcrumb links: show a customer what page they are on
Show vendor: display the name of the vendor/brand if you've added one in through the product admin page.
Show SKU: show the product's SKU number if you've added one in through the product admin page.
Show price savings: display how much your customer is saving - both percentage and price amount.
Show Collection: If you enable this setting, the Collections will then appear beneath the product description and product form area.
Show Type: display the product type if you've added one in through the product admin page
Show Tag: display any tags you've added through the product admin page.

Stick button

Enable to show sticky button on the end of the screens when customers scroll the page. You can choose the devices to display this sticky button.

Trust Badge

Shoppers feel more comfortable when they see that you securely accept their trusted forms of payment.
Please tick and upload trust badge image if you want to show it.


You can add or remove additional tabs and product description into your product page.


Please install app to show reviews on product pages. You also can select the review type that only shows reviews of the current product or show reviews of all products.
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