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Customize Inside theme: Product page sections

The settings determine the information and layout of what's displayed on your product pages. In this article, we will guide you on how to adjust your product page in Themes section in an effective way.

In this article

A. Header
B. Product
C. Other sections

A. Header

Please refer to this article for detailed information about Header sections.

B. Product

In the Product section, you can select to enable the following element:

General settings: Select between

Settings by theme settings: All settings in the product page will match with your overall set up for pages that contain product page section (such as the product section in the product page, the featured product section in the homepage) in the Settings > Product section of the theme editor.
Customize: Select this option to customize the product section in the product page only. Then, you will have the options to customize the product's photo list, title position, and description position however you like.

Product page settings:

Auto scroll over header after loading product page on mobile.
Enable breadcrumb: Show customers what page they are on.

In Sticky button, the sticky add to cart button is enabled by default on the end of the screen when scrolling. You can also choose if you want to:

Show on desktop.
Show on mobile.

In the Product section, each element of your product page is divided into different blocks for easy customization, such as Product title, Price, Variants selector, Buy buttons, Social share buttons, etc. If you enable widgets in Boost Upsell app, extensions (such as countdown tools) in Boost Convert app, reviews in Product Review apps, there will be different blocks for each of these elements as well.

You can click on each block to customize them in details, click and drag to rearrange them, or click Add block to add a new block upon your wish. Please refer to this article for more information on blocks in your theme editor.

C. Other sections

Beside the above sections, product page can also include Review, Products from the same collection, Who bought this also bought, Best sellers, Handpicked products, Cart recommendations, Recently viewed & featured products and Footer sections. Please take a look at this article to understand more about Product Widgets.

You can also click Add section and select from the available list of sections to add to your product page. Each section can be customizable to your preference.

For Bassy theme, please refer to this article for detailed information about product page sections.
For Roller theme, please refer to this article for detailed information about product page sections.
All steps in this article uses the updated Theme Editor version 2.0, which have been updated to boost versatility and make it easier to tailor your storefront with sections and blocks. Please refer to this article for more information on Theme Editor version 2.0 and how to update.

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Updated on: 24/08/2022

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