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ShopBase Marketplace Payments - our internal payment gateway - helps reduce the risk of blocked accounts and pending payment. This payment gateway supports 03 countries in the world with numerous superior features for your e-commerce stores. In this section, we will show you how to payout with ShopBase Marketplace Payments.

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A. Payout with ShopBase Marketplace Payments
B. How to get payouts earlier

A. Payout with ShopBase Marketplace Payments

You can easily view your payouts by going to ShopBase admin site > Settings > Payment Providers > Click on ShopBase Payments > View Balance.

You will be directed to your ShopBase Balance. ShopBase Marketplace Payments orders' invoices will be filtered automatically using Content > ShopBase Payments order collecting.

Each order will have one invoice with different transactions corresponding to the payout time of your account.

1. The hold amount

The hold rate of your account will be classified into different levels.
The hold amount is released after 90 calendar days.

For more information on the hold rates of each account according to different risk levels, please refer to this article.
2. The ready-to-payout amount

The ready-to-payout amount is released after 3 calendar days depending on your risk level.
When the order is fulfilled and tracking number's status is updated, the amount is released for you to pay out accordingly.
To receive payouts faster, you can use fulfillment services from ShopBase such as PrintHub (for POD products) or PlusHub (for dropshipping products). After at least 3 calendar days, the amount is released for you to pay out.
If the order is unfulfilled and tracking number's status is not updated, after 60 calendar days with no dispute, you can payout this amount.

For more information on the release rates of each account according to different risk levels, please refer to this article.

The amount that is collected from ShopBase Marketplace Payments will be moved to Pending to review section in your ShopBase Balance. It will be moved to Available to payout after at least 3 calendar days (for the ready-to-payout amount, depending on your risk level), and 90 calendar days (for the hold amount).

Once it is moved to Available to payout, you can request a payout directly in your ShopBase Balance dashboard. Please refer to this article for detailed information.

The first payout will be reviewed within at least 10 business days after the request creation date.

B. How to get payouts earlier

In order to get payouts earlier, you can do the following works:

Lower the number of disputes. You should always keep an eye on the dispute rate to ensure it is low. As a result, the risk and hold levels will be reduced. Furthermore, once order tracking numbers are updated, the hold amount will be released sooner.
Use PrintHub and PlusHub to fulfill your orders.
If you do not use PrintHub and PlusHub, you must ensure that your tracking is accurate, constantly updated and trackable.

It is advised that you should fulfill your orders using trustworthy shipping carriers that are supported by ShopBase in order to receive payments in time. Please refer to the list of supported shipping carriers by ShopBase Marketplace Payments here.

For any further support on verifying your stores and accounts, kindly contact ShopBase Marketplace Payments team.

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