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For ShopBase Marketplace Payments users, it is advised that you should fulfill your orders using trustworthy shipping carriers that are supported by ShopBase in order to receive payments in time.

Please refer to this link for the official list of supported shipping carriers by ShopBase Marketplace Payments.

If your shipping carrier is listed above, make sure that you select it in the Tracking Information section instead of selecting None or Other when fulfilling orders manually on ShopBase, or enter it in the Shipping Carrier when fulfilling orders using CSV files. If your shipping carrier is listed above, but not in the Tracking Information section or in section C of this article, you can choose another that is similar to or related with your shipping carrier.

If other shipping carriers are used to fulfill your orders, ShopBase might be unable to detect the correct tracking number status, which can cause your payments to be released later than expected. In this case, please contact ShopBase Support team for further assistance.

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