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How do I receive profit payouts?

To receive payouts, you must link your verified Payoneer or PingPong account to your Balance account. After linking, you will receive your profit through Payoneer or PingPong. If you live in a country where Payoneer or PingPong is not available, contact our seller support team at to arrange a solution.

Learn more about setting up your payout account here.

How long does it take to receive payouts?

As can be viewed on the dashboard, there are two indexes for a Balance account:

Available: The amount that can be used to pay for service and payouts.
Available soon: The amount that is collected from PlusBase orders, which will become Available after 36 hours.


Payouts requests are processed within 24 hours. After they are approved, the funds will reach your payment account. Please note that the time to receive the payout varies depending on the working processing time of your bank company.
In case your payout request is refused, you will be provided with the reason why. The request's status will also be updated to Refused.
Orders showing signs of fraud or orders that need to be confirmed by the customers due to their order's update or other reasons, the amount of that order will be held and will be payout later.
You should request a payout during business hours for the earliest approval.

What is the profit minimum for requesting a payout?

PlusBase requires a $50 profit minimum for all payout requests.
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