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ShopBase Affiliate Program and PrintBase Refer Friends Program are designed for groups of merchants, marketers, eCommerce gurus and affiliate marketers, who wish to refer ShopBase to their audience & earn passive income monthly.

In this article:

A. What is ShopBase Affiliate Program
B. What is PrintBase Refer Friends Program
C. ShopBase Affiliate and PrintBase Refer Friends Dashboard

A. What is ShopBase Affiliate Program

In ShopBase Affiliate Program, we offer up to 10% recurring commission on all merchants you drive, for as long as your referrals remain ShopBase's customers. The commission includes both monthly subscriptions & transaction fees. Your commission varies between your referred merchants' selected pricing plans:

Pro Base: commission 10%
Standard Base: commission 8%
Basic Base: commission 5%

Let's check out ShopBase pricing to see the subscription & transaction fees of each plan above.

Plus, your clients who sign up for ShopBase with your link will get a special offer: 20% off subscription fee for the first 3 months using ShopBase.

B. What is PrintBase Refer Friends Program

In PrintBase Refer Friends Program, you will earn from $0.15 to $0.25 on every sale generated by your referred merchants. You will receive the commission from each merchant you drive within 4 months from the moment they register with PrintBase. After this period of time, you are no longer their promoters.

PrintBase auto creates a ready-to-sell store for each user signing up. Thus, your referrals can quickly start their businesses & get sales without your help in building their stores. Your commission varies according to the items your referred merchants sell. Let's check out PrintBase Refer Friends commission rate of each product group below:

Gold Base: 0.25$/sold item
Silver Base: 0.15$/sold item

Moreover, both you and your referred merchants can receive profitable daily rewards from PrintBase Cashback Program for each item sold.

C. ShopBase Affiliate and PrintBase Refer Friends Dashboard

In order to join these programs, you will need a custom referral link that you can share with your potential audience.

To create a custom referral link, please go to your app dashboard > Your Personal Account and click Earn more with Affiliate Program

Click PrintBase Exclusive Program or ShopBase Program > Copy Referral Link then send to your referrals.

In Your Cashback section, you can see the detailed report of successful sign-ups and sales: leads, conversions, commissions and payouts.

Go to Earn more with Affiliate Program

Step 2: Copy Referral Link

Don’t forget to select your payout method so you can get paid.

If you need our assistance, don't hesitate to let us know via Live Chat. We are here to help.
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