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Order processing with PlusBase

To help Sellers focus on marketing and sales, PlusBase is responsible for all aspects of customer care and has dedicated partners with premium fulfillment service to help process your order (from after the Buyer pays until the Buyer receives the item). This article will help you understand the order processing process on PlusBase.

After the customer places an order, the status of the order will be Unfulfilled. The amount the Buyer pays for the order (after deducting the transaction fee and shipping fee) will be added to the Balance account in the Available soon section. Please refer to this article to understand ShopBase Balance.

When an order begins to be processed, order status will be updated as Processing.

An order will be processed (including purchasing and packaging to be sent to the customer's personal address handled by our dedicated partners) in about 7-10 business days, depending on the type of product. The order status will then be changed to Fulfilled, and the tracking number will be sent to the Buyer so that the order shipment can be tracked.

Cases in which an order will be immediately canceled once it is created:

The selling price is less than the total of base cost, shipping fee, and handling fee. Please refer to this article for more information on these prices before importing products to your store.
A discount which deducts the selling price to be smaller than the total of base cost, shipping fee, and handling fee is applied to the order.

In case the order profit is less than $0.00:

The order will be automatically canceled.
The Seller's profit will not be deducted.
The order's payment status will be changed to Voided.
The Buyer will receive a refund from the payment gateway as well as an email confirming the cancellation of the order.

Buyers can only request to cancel / update (resize, color, ...) your order within 6 hours of the order being placed on PlusBase.
PlusBase has no regulations on the minimum number of products in the order processing process. Your orders would be sent to the partners' factory to process even one order per item.

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Updated on: 10/10/2023

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