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A. Use Migrate app to move data

B. Use CSV file to move data

C. How to access your product image files?

A. Use Migrate app to move data

If you have less than 5,000 products on your Shopify's store, you can use this private migrate app to move data to ShopBase easier while keeping their product & variant IDs so ads performance won’t be impacted.

B. Use CSV file to move data

This is another option to move your products to ShopBase.

For invalid value in imported files, ShopBase automatically changes Variant Inventory Tracker and Variant Fulfillment Service to "shopbase". Merchants can upload CSV files downloaded from Shopify right away without having to edit anything.

Shopify CSV files will be automatically edited like this:

Variant Fulfilment Service only accepts "manual" or existed fulfillment service. If not, set value of Variant Fulfillment Service to "manual" for all matched products.
If Variant Inventory Tracker is not blank and not "shopbase", set value of Variant Inventory Tracker as "shopbase" for all matched products.

Anyway, if you want to manually edit your CSV files, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Export products from your Shopify store.

Step 2: Updates these fields:
Variant Fulfillment Service: please set it as "manual" or "dropship-connector".
Variant Inventory Tracker: change from "shopify" to "shopbase" or leave it blank (ShopBase has not supported other trackers).

Step 3: Add a column titled Collection and fill in the collections for your products.

Step 4: Add a column titled Variant Inventory Quantity and fill in the product inventory if needed. Merchants can look up with SKU.

For Step 3 & Step 4: It's not required to fill in the Collection and Quantity sections. If these are filled in, note that you can only fill in rows with titles other than Blank.

Step 5: Check two columns: SEO title và SEO Description. If these two columns are empty, merchants can fill these in by themselves or copy SEO title as Product Title and SEO Description as the Product description.

Step 6: Import your file to ShopBase.

C. How to access your product image files?

If you move your products from Shopify to ShopBase, then you need to upload your product CSV file to your new store while your old store and its product listings remain viewable.
When you export your products, the images associated with each product are not included in the CSV file. If you import the products to a new store, then the product images are generated only if they remain viewable on a publicly accessible website.

To ensure that your product images remain accessible to you, leave your original store and its products intact until you finish the import process. This allows your ShopBase store to assign the correct product image to each listing.
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