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For Social Proof feature, you can choose to show both synced and custom notifications.

Once installed, Boost Convert will create real-time notifications from your latest orders. Afterward, every time you have a new order, there will be a corresponding notification made as well. However, in case you would like to advertise a product purposely, you can create custom notifications. Learn more about how to create custom notifications here.

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Pop types
Notification list

Pop types

For real-time data, Social Proof contains 3 types of notifications: Sales Notification, Checkout Notification and Signup Notification. You can see these by clicking tab Pop types.

Click Settings to edit how the notifications would display.

You can set up the message showing up on the notifications as well as choose to show the notifications on specific pages or translate to another language.

Remember to click Save after making any change.

Notification list

After being installed, the app will need 5-60 minutes to sync your data. All of the notifications can be viewed by clicking tab Notification list.


You can choose the Layout and Theme settings that you prefer here:

You can also set up Display options:

Display notifications in random order: If you untick this option, your notifications will appear from the newest to the oldest.

Randomize delay time between notifications: If you choose this option, the delay time between notifications will be randomized every time.

Repeat sales notifications when there are no new orders synced: If you uncheck this option, once all notifications have displayed, the app will stop showing them again.

Only display synced orders that created within the last (... days/hours/minutes/seconds): For example, if you set this up with 3 days, the app will only sync your orders within the last 3 days. The orders that placed 4 days ago will not be shown anymore. The maximum you can set for this setting is 60 days.
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