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For Countdown tools feature, there are two types of widget: Timer countdown and Product countdown. By default, these widgets will show on all your product pages. With each widget, you will be able to customize how it works.

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Timer countdown
Product countdown

Timer countdown

There are two types of timer countdown: fixed timer (all product pages will have the same clock) and different timers ( you can set different timers for different products). Learn more about how to set up multiple timers here.

Timer settings

First, you can edit the Timer settings.

Repeat countdown timer after it ends: By choosing this option, whenever the clock runs out, the timer will automatically repeat. The start of the timer will base on customers' first visit time. If you uncheck this option, the timer will start counting down when you save the setting. After the clock runs out, it will disappear on your store.
Schedule time to show Timer countdown: You can pre-set the start and end date of a timer countdown.
Choose to Show in all products or Show at selected product(s).
Select the time unit displaying in your timer: Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds.

Timer on product page

Step 1: Write your message (optional).

Step 2: Design the timer.

Step 3: Select the widget position.

You can choose to show it by default or learn more about how to customize position here.

This is how the timer would look on your product page:

Timer on product list (optional)

When turned on, this option will add a timer label that shows on collection pages and home page.

Step 1: Set up timer's position.

Step 2: Design the timer.

This is how your timer label would look on your homepage/collection pages:

Product countdown

When turned on, this option will add a progress bar on your product pages to display the stock limit of your products.

Step 1: Set up how the items left in stock show.

Step 2: Set up the message (optional).

Step 3: Design the countdown.

Step 4: Select countdown's position.

You can show the countdown by default or learn more about how to customize position here.

Step 5: Trigger to show the product countdown in all pages or specific pages.

Remember to click Save after making all changes.

This is how the stock countdown would look on your product page.

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