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If you do not want to apply the same timer countdown to all of your product pages and want to set up different countdowns for different products/collections, you can create multiple timer countdowns for specific products/collections.

To set this up, go to app dashboard > Countdown tools > Timer countdown and click Add new timer.

On Timer settings, select Show at selected product(s) > Select products.

If you want to show the timer countdown on specific collection(s) instead, click the Products drop-down to select Collections.

Set up the timer countdown as normal with your desired target product(s)/collection(s). Remember to click Create timer when you've done.

After clicking the Create timer button, you will be taken to the list of different countdown timers.

You can always add a new timer to show on specific product page(s)/collection(s) by clicking Add a new countdown timer.

Note: If there are at least 2 timers that have the same condition to show, the timer that's created later will display.
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