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How to process order automatically

When your business expands in larger scale, you may find that you don't have time to manually process orders one by one. Therefore, ShopBase has provided a time-saving solution for online merchants to process their orders seamlessly with our powerful apps.

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A. Automatic fulfillment by PrintHub
B. Automatic fulfillment by Ali Dropship Connector

A. Automatic fulfillment by PrintHub

PrintHub will automatically process orders for product created on your store via PrintHub, non-PrintHub orders, and imported orders. Please refer to this article for a detailed instruction.

B. Automatic fulfillment by Ali Dropship Connector

To help you save time and effort, Ali Dropship Connector supports placing all your orders at once, instead of having to place them one by one. Once the fulfillment process is done, all tracking number of orders would be automatically sync onto your ShopBase store and sent to your customers.

After receiving orders, you can monitor them in Ali Dropship Connector app and pay for all of them at once. Then, you need to login to your account in Ali Express and pay for the product cost then your orders would be processed by Ali Express suppliers. You can follow this detailed instruction further help.

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Updated on: 22/08/2022

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