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A. How to map an order on the new Print Hub
B. How to map an order on the old Print Hub

A. How to map an order on the new Print Hub

To successfully map order with a campaign on old Print Hub, you'll have to create the campaign before mapping. Learn more about a new Print Hub version, merchants can create a product on ShopBase then map products with Print Hub base products to fulfill an order.

For the new version, you don't need to create any campaign on Print Hub before mapping. Besides, you can only map for available items on ShopBase.

Choose the product to fulfill

Click button Fulfillment in a non-Print Hub product

After that, you will be directed to the Print Hub app with 3 main steps that need to choose before fulfilling.

Step 1: Define your variant options

To start, you must fulfill product to map with Print Hub base products at first. There are two columns to match together, one is the options that Print Hub offers, the other one is the options you need to match correctly.

Sometimes, you don't even need to match with those options because they'll be automatically matched by Print Hub.

If your product has 2 options (eg: color, size), Print Hub will consider the rest is default option and nothing more to choose, but the product is still fulfilled.

After mapping, click Save to be continued.

Step 2: Upload your artworks

Please remember that the minimum dimensions are 2100px x 2400px at 150 DPI, maximum upload file size is 80MB. If your design is lower the standard, there will appear a red alert below your design and you can't continue mapping the order.

No matter how the design is different from the original one, you still can upload and continue mapping order.

After that, click Save to be continued.

Step 3: Select product to fulfill

From this step, you can map as many variants as you want. As long as the product's variants are matched the variant options.

If you choose any available variant options which are not the same with the product's variants, Print Hub's fulfillment partner will prioritize the variant options to fulfill.

After all, click Save button and please check the number of product orders whether they are available or not.

If you choose the product's variant that does not get matched with any available variant options, Print Hub's fulfillment partner cannot analyze which variant options to fulfill. So that even when you save, the product will be in Unavailable tab and not be able to be fulfilled.

After finishing, you can change to fulfill more products by choosing more options at Step 3.

B. How to map an order on the old Print Hub

There are 2 different types of campaigns on Print Hub:

Print Hub Campaigns: campaigns you created via Print Hub.
Synced Campaigns or Non-Print Hub Campaigns: available ShopBase campaigns synced to Print Hub. You can map non-Print Hub campaigns with a Print Hub campaign. Orders from mapped ones will be automatically synced and fulfilled by Print Hub Suppliers.

To use this feature, please go to My campaigns > Synced campaigns and click the Mapping button.

You will be directed to a campaign-mapping popup like this:

Follow these simple steps to start mapping your non-Print Hub campaigns with a Print Hub campaign:

Upload your original artwork

You can upload up to two artworks (both front and back) or only front/back artwork. Note that if you upload just back artwork, in the next step you can only choose a Print Hub campaign with back artwork only.

Choose a Print Hub campaign to map

Type a campaign title or ID in the blank.
Click Enter to show all the suitable current campaigns. If your campaign is live, it will appear with Select and Delete options.

If you haven't had one, please create your first.

Note: This feature does not support Print Hub campaigns that:
Have more or fewer artworks than uploaded artworks.
Have both 2D and 3D products.
Have fewer options than the non-Print Hub campaigns.

Map your campaign variants with the selected Print Hub campaign

If the option names and option values of the Print Hub campaigns match with the original non-Print Hub campaign, the field boxes will be prefilled.

You can map as many variants as you want. Print Hub's fulfillment partner will fulfill orders of mapped variants, and sync orders of unmapped variants to In Review tab in My Orders. Once you've mapped these variants, Print Hub will also fulfill them.

When all is done, click Map.

You will be directed back to Synced campaigns page and the campaign status will be changed to Mapped. You can edit mapping or unmap anytime.

After mapping, unfulfilled orders of mapped products will be synced to Unpaid tab in My Orders page. If you have set up a payment method, Print Hub will start the automatic fulfillment process


If merchants add an option/ a variant or change the name of options/variants in shop admin, orders will be synced to. In review tab and merchants will be required to map the product again.
Campaign information on your storefront and admin dashboard is preserved after mapping.
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