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How to fulfill non-Print Hub orders through Print Hub

PrintHub is a POD merchant app that connects sellers with the best print order providers that ShopBase directly works with. You can create stores on ShopBase and manage print orders processing through PrintHub. In case you have non-PrintHub orders on ShopBase, you can still process the order on the PrintHub app as long as the printed products are in Calalog. In this article, we will guide you to process ShopBase orders for products that were not created by Print Hub using the Print Hub app.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your ShopBase admin, go to Orders > All orders and select the order you want to fulfill via PrintHub.

In the order detail page, click Fulfill with > Print Hub.

Then, the order will be listed in the All orders section of the PrintHub application. Click on the order, then click on Map product.

In the Fulfillment Setup page, where you match the product information of the order to be processed with the information of the corresponding product in PrintHub Calalog - these are the products PrintHub can print and fulfill. There are two columns to match, one is the column What we offer (required information), the other column is We should map with (the information of the product that corresponds to the required information). Then press Save.

Next, select the product corresponding to the one you need to fulfill by clicking on Select a product and selecting a product in the drop-down menu.

Upload your product's design by clicking Upload artwork corresponding to the front or back of the product

After uploading the design, scroll down to match the options ​​of the product that you want to process corresponding to the options of the product on PrintHub Catalog. Then check options ​​of the product you want to process for which you have entered the correct match. Click Save. Then the order will be transferred to the tab In Review and processed as in section A in this article.

For orders with personalized items created from PrintHub:

If an order includes both personalized item(s) and non-personalized item(s), it will initially have In Review status.
After the items are reviewed and approved by PrintHub team, the order will be moved to Awaiting payment for you to confirm payment to the suppliers.
If the personalized item is cancelled during the In review process, the order will continue be in process without the personalized item and be automatically moved to Awaiting payment tab.

Orders containing personalized items created by PrintHub will no longer be charged twice, and shipping costs will be reduced.
Please refer to section D in this article how to pay for your non-PrintHub orders.

If you check an option but have not selected the option of the product on the PrintHub Catalog that matches, PrintHub's suppliers cannot analyze which variation option to process. So, even if you save it, the product will be in the Unavailable tab as shown below and the order cannot be processed.

For orders fulfilled by PrintHub, please do not mark them as fulfilled or add a tracking number to avoid disrupting the fulfillment process. Tracking numbers for PrintHub orders will automatically be added once available.

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Updated on: 07/03/2023

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