How to customize Checkout Form block in Website Builder

This article shows you how to configure the complete Checkout form on your store, helping you create the most seamless and reliable checkout experience for customers.

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A. Edit the design for the block
B. Edit the content for the block

A. Edit the design for the block

Click on Insert panel > Search Checkout form > Drag this block to the desired position > Design tab.

You can edit the general style of the block according to the general settings according to this article (link to the general article for blocks).

B. Edit the content for the block

Select the Checkout Form block > Content tab.

Type: You can choose to offer a 1-page or a 3-step checkout experience, learn more in this article.

Paypal express: You can choose to show the Paypal Express button at the top of the Checkout page or not.

Note, the button is only visible when you have fully configured your Paypal account in the Payment Providers page in the dashboard.
Note: PrintBase and PlusBase stores will not show this method.

Account login: You can assist buyers to log in to their accounts to fill in payment information faster, in case they are returning customers who have made a previous purchase.

Require: You can edit to hide or require some fields (Last name only / First and last name) in the shipping address.

Optional: You can put in Company, Address line 2 or Phone number as an optional.

Order note: You can display the Order note field in the checkout form if the buyer needs to leave additional information with the order being placed.

Email consent and SMS consent: You can give buyers the option to opt-in to receive email or SMS communications. -> Chưa có ảnh Email, không thấy trong store test.

Pre-check: If you select Yes, the box will be ticked automatically. If you select No, buyers can choose to tick the box or not.

Shipping method: There are 2 different display options to help you set up accordingly: All methods and One preferred method.

All methods
One preferred method
Note: if you are configuring the checkout layout to be 3-step, you can click on the breadcrumb to preview changes on the Shipping or Payment pages.

Tipping: You can also enable show tipping in the checkout form. Tipping options are configured in the dashboard, learn more in this article.

Tipping layout: There are 2 different layout options for us to choose from: Always show and Tick to show.

Always show
Tick to show
Require TOS (Term of Services) and TOS confirmation: You can ask the buyers to confirm the Terms of Service before they check out. Buyers can confirm in two ways: Manual or Auto confirmation when they decide to checkout.

Manual option
Auto option

Updated on: 10/05/2023

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