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Customizing the cart page will not only help your customers to view their cart easily, but it will also an opportunity for online merchants to increase their cart value (by up-selling/cross-sell or providing special offers) and improve the conversion rate.

In this article:
A. Show total saving
B. Add product recommendation widgets using Boost Upsell
C. Add bundle widget using Boost Upsell

A. Show total saving

Using this feature will help your customer have an overview of the total discount value on their order, which might encourage them to bought those items. You can go to Online store > Themes > Customize > Cart Page > choose option Show total saving

B. Add product recommendation widgets using Boost Upsell

Boost Upsell is an app that allows you to pitch additional products to get your customers to buy more or acquire more enhanced products. It is imperative to have upsell/cross-sell offers on your site as they can help you to increase your profit especially when your customers are on a shopping spree or in a buying mode.

You can customize each product widget by following this instruction here.

Product Widgets on Boost Upsell app

C. Add bundle widget using Boost Upsell

With cross-sell (bundles) offers, you can encourage customers to buy related or complementary products when they view pre-selected products on cart page. An offer will show as a bundle of products which is displayed right below the Add-to-cart button on the product page.

To create a bundle, you can find the detail guide here.

Bundles on Boost Upsell admin

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