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How to compare Meta (Facebook) Pixel's purchase events and store's order numbers

After you integrate Meta Pixel into the store, ShopBase only supports sending events to Pixel, events are sent immediately when the buyer triggers events on the store. However, Meta has stopped supporting the display of real-time data, the events may take more time to be aggregated and displayed in Pixel. This article shows you how to match purchase events in Pixel with your store's order quantity to check if the data matches.

In this article

A. How to count total purchase events in Meta Pixel
B. How to count total orders in Meta Pixel
C. Troubleshooting the situation where the purchase events do not match

A. Check the number of purchase events in Meta Pixel

Go to Facebook Business Manager > Events Manager.

Select the Pixel ID and time period you would like to check.

Hover All activity > Make sure the timezone in Event Managers matches the time zone in the store > Search for Purchase events > View event number.

If Pixel ID is attached to different stores, select View details.

Count events from the URL of the store by clicking Event overview > URLs.

B. Check the number of orders on the store

Go to admin page > Analytics > Total orders. The total number of orders in the store will have to be equal to the total number of Purchase events in the Meta Pixel.

C. Troubleshooting the situation where the purchase events do not match

In case Meta Pixel records the purchase event while your store has no orders, please follow the instructions below:

Make sure the timezone and time frame in Event Managers matches the store's.
Use the Meta Pixel Helper extension to check if the event is properly sent with similar behaviors on the store or not. For example, the View content event is sent when the buyer views the product page.
Make sure you don't add any additional scripts from Meta to the store (For example: The scripts used to send additional events). You just need to install Facebook Pixel and/or Conversion API according to ShopBase instructions.

Make sure you are not using the Event setup tool in Meta. Go to Event Manager > select Pixel > Settings > Open Event Setup Tool, enter your store page URL , and click Open Website.

Select All Events, the event settings will be displayed here, click the down arrow, select Delete to delete the settings.

Use the extension Meta Pixel Helper or follow the instructions in this article to check whether your Meta Pixel is working properly.

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Updated on: 09/01/2024

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