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Apart from the 4 widgets with products that are automatically generated for you, Product Recommendation also has a widget that allows you to select and display the own set of recommended products when your customers visit certain product pages/collections.

On this article:
A. Set up Handpicked products widget
B. Design the widget's look

A. Set up Handpicked products widget

To set this up, go to app dashboard > Product Widget > Handpicked products just for you > Customize > Create new handpicked products.

Step 1: Choose the product page(s) which you desire your widget to display. Either all products or some specific products/collections can be selected.

Step 2: Click Select products to start forming your customized list of products. You can manually add as many products as you want.

Click Submit offer and you're done!

Note: You can add different sets of recommended products for different target products/collections by clicking Create new.

B. Design the widget's look

To edit the widget's look, click Design.

You can customize all the widget's elements here:

After making all the changes, you can choose to click Save & Apply for all widgets.

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