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Fulfill orders via PrintHub

PrintHub is a POD merchant app that connects sellers with the best print order providers that ShopBase directly works with. You can create stores on ShopBase and manage print orders processing through PrintHub. This application will help you handle products automatically, reduce the burden of store operations and create high quality products that are delivered to customers quickly at preferential prices. PrintHub will automatically process orders for products created with the PrintHub app, as well as other products using a CSV file. This article will guide you on how to fulfill orders via this application.

In this section

A. Fulfill products created on your store via PrintHub
B. Fulfill non-PrintHub orders via PrintHub
C. Import orders via CSV file to fulfill via PrintHub
D. Pay for your orders
E. Notices for orders that cannot be processed and restricted ship-to orders

A. Fulfill products created on your store via PrintHub

On PrintHub, the order process is automatic so you don't have to worry about handling them manually and can instead focus on optimizing your business.

On ShopBase admin site, go to Apps > PrintHub > Fulfillment where you will find all orders your customers have paid for. They are automatically synced from the store to PrintHub with all the orders being listed in All tab.

In case you need more time to confirm your order, you can put the order On Hold (on the On Hold tab). You can only set a pause for unpaid orders because paid orders have been sent to PrintHub's suppliers for production and cannot be halted. To pause the order, find the order, and select Action > Hold.

In case there are errors, the order status will be changed to In Review (in the In Review tab). Eligible orders will be moved to Awaiting payment (listed in the tab Awaiting payment) and wait for you to confirm payment to the suppliers.

For orders with personalized items created from PrintHub:

If an order includes both personalized item(s) and non-personalized item(s), it will initially have In Review status.
After the items are reviewed and approved by PrintHub team, the order will be moved to Awaiting payment for you to confirm payment to the suppliers.
If the personalized item is cancelled during the In review process, the order will continue be in process without the personalized item and be automatically moved to Awaiting payment tab.

Orders containing personalized items created by PrintHub will no longer be charged twice, and shipping costs will be reduced.
Please refer to section D on how to pay your PrintHub orders.
You can only cancel/update an order (resize, color, etc.) within 12 hours after it is placed with the suppliers.

If the payment is failed to charge, the amount will accumulate in Payments > Payment history > Outstanding balance. Unsuccessful payments will be immediately retried by PrintHub. If a payment fails three times, the payment status is changed to Failed and you are required to pay manually.

All successfully paid orders will be updated from Awaiting payment to Awaiting Shipment which means PrintHub is pending orders to be printed and shipped to the customer. These orders will be listed in the Awaiting Shipment tab. Once the order is shipped to the customer by PrintHub's suppliers, the status of the order will be updated to Fulfilled (listed in the Fulfilled tab) with a shipping tracker (tracking code).

Once your order is updated with tracking code, it takes about 1-2 days for the tracking code to work and track your shipment.
For orders fulfilled by PrintHub, please do not mark them as fulfilled or add a tracking number to avoid disrupting the fulfillment process. Tracking numbers for PrintHub orders will automatically be added once available.

B. Fulfill non-Print Hub orders via Print Hub

Please refer to this article for detailed information.

C. Import orders via CSV files to fulfill via PrintHub

Please refer to this article for detailed information.

D. Pay for your orders

Automatically pay for your PrintHub, non-PrintHub, and imported orders

You need to activate automatic payment on PrintHub. From PrintHub admin site, go to Settings, toggle Activate ShopBase Balance to enable automatic payment.

Orders with the status Awaiting payment will be charged at 0:00 AM and 12:00 PM (UTC+0) daily.

These payments will be automatically deducted from your store available balance, please top up your balance according to guidance. If your balance is not sufficient, we will charge the card connected to your store.

Manually pay for your PrintHub and non-PrintHub orders

You can also manually pay to process the orders faster. From PrintHub admin site, go to Fulfillment > Orders > Awaiting Payment, select orders, then click Actions > Pay Now.

Manually pay for your imported orders

From PrintHub admin site, go to Fulfillment > Order Import > Awaiting Payment, select order, then click Actions > Pay for selected orders.

In the pop-up, click Confirm payment.

E. Notices for orders that cannot be processed and restricted ship-to orders

1. For orders that cannot be processed

For PrintHub orders that cannot be processed due to missing or incorrect information from the Seller, PrintHub will contact the Seller through email or Live Chat to request more information. If the Seller does not respond within 48 hours, PrintHub will cancel the order and fully refund the Seller.

2. For restricted ship-to orders

If an order's line items cannot be shipped because the address is in one of the restricted ship-to countries/regions, the status will be changed to "In review" with one of the following error messages:

These line items don't ship to the customer's location: The line item is not available for shipment to the customer's address. In this case, you can change the order's line item, address, or cancel the order.
Shipping is not available for the customer's location: The address provided by the customer cannot be shipped to. In this case, you can either change the customer's address or cancel the order.

Please refer to this article for a full list of restricted ship-to countries/regions for PrintHub & PrintBase products.

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Updated on: 12/09/2023

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