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Customize imported products in Ali Dropship Connector

After a product is added to Ali Dropship Connector, you can choose to just leave the product as it is or you can customize its information and images so the product will look more professional and appealing on your store.

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A. How to customize products in the Import list?
B. How to customize products in the ShopBase admin?

A. How to customize products in the Import list?

After you add the product to the Import list, you can customize it before importing it into your ShopBase store. You can edit the product's title, description, variants, and images according to your liking.

Product: You can edit the product's title by typing the new name in the Change title.


You can use the editor to edit the product description, add images or insert links if needed.


On the Variants tab, you can change Price and Compare at price of each product's variant. You can choose to multiply, add more value or set a new value to the price. Learn more about Pricing rules here.

On the Profit section, you will see the potential profit you will get selling this product.


You can select images linked to your product on this tab.

B. How to customize products in the ShopBase Admin?

After a product is published in the ShopBase store, it cannot be moved back to the Import list and can only be customized in ShopBase Admin. Click the edit button Edit product on ShopBase to be directed to ShopBase Admin for editing.

In Product details page, you will see that your imported product is mapped successfully in the Ali Dropship Connector section and Ali Dropship Connector is automatically selected as the fulfillment service.

You can also find all your products on the Products tab and customize these item specifics:

Product availability
Organization (Product type, Vendor, Collections and Tags)
Edit website SEO

There are some specifics that can be customized in bulk, please read this article to find out how to create a bulk update.

Regarding to inventory of the product, ShopBase will not track the imported product's quantity by default.

The option 'Don't track inventory' is displayed by default.

To set up your product's inventory:

In the variant list, click Edit next to your desired variant.

If you want ShopBase to track inventory for this product, please choose ShopBase tracks this product's inventory. Then, the product's inventory quantity on ShopBase will be automatically updated with the product quantity from AliExpress accordingly.

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Updated on: 13/09/2022

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