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Create a new page

In addition to pages like homepage, product page, shopping cart page, checkout page, collection page, ShopBase gives you the tools to let you pages with other customized content such as About Us, Contact Us or Order Tracking. ShopBase has no limit on the number of pages you can create on your store. This article will show you how to add a new page to your online store.

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A. Create a new page
B. Add template variables to your page

A. Create a new page

From your ShopBase admin , go to Online Store > Pages and click Add page.

You will be directed to a page to create content for the new page

Enter a title in the Title field. The page title is displayed in the browser tab or title bar. It is also used as the title in search engine results.

Enter content into the text box of the field Content. You can create and edit page content in rich text editor. You can also insert the following elements into the page: links, tables, images, videos. In case you want to add Google map to the page, please read the following instructions and refer to the instructions in the pictures below. First, go to Google Map and enter the address you want to map in and click the Share icon to open sharing options.

Click Share icon
Then click Embed map to generate the embed code for your site.

Click Embed map
Select the desired map size, then press Copy HTML.

Click to choose map size
Click Copy HTML

Then go to the Content field of the content creation page, click on the HTML icon and paste the HTML code you copied earlier in any place where you want the map to appear in your page. Click the HTML icon again to return the Content field to its normal state (not as HTML) and preview how the map will look on your page.

In the Visibility box you can choose whether you want your site to be published publicly as Visible or Hidden.

The Search engine listing preview section shows a preview of how your product will appear in search engine results. Preview includes Page title, URL and handle and Meta description. Click Edit website SEO to edit the preview.

In the Template section, you can choose a template for the page you create, including Page, Contact page, Review page.

Click Save once finished.

B. Add template variables to your page

To ensure your data is consistent across all pages on your store, ShopBase provides you with some template variables. You can copy and paste them into your desired pages:

{{}}: The store name you entered in Settings > General.
{{shop.domain}}: The current primary domain in Online store > Domains.
{{shop.address}}: The store address you entered in Settings > General. This variable will return data in format of <address>, <city>, <state (if any)>, <ZIP/postal code>, <country>.
{{}}: The store phone you entered in Settings > General.
{{shop.owner_email}}: The owner account email address you entered in Settings > General.
{{shop.customer_email}}: The customer email address you entered in Settings > General.
{{processing.time}}: The production time you entered in the ShopBase's automatic Google Merchant Center (GMC) registration flow.
{{shipping.time}}: The shipping time you entered in the ShopBase's automatic GMC registration flow.
{{shop.activated_payment}}: The current activated payment methods of your store, that are set in Settings > Payment providers.

Edit a page
Delete a page

Updated on: 23/08/2022

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