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Analyze and optimize the conversion rate in the Checkout initiated to Complete checkout step

Analyzing which factors influence the checkout process of customers and how to optimize the checkout page is critical for conversion rate optimization and revenue growth. In this article, we will show you how to analyze and optimize the checkout conversion rate.

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A. Analyze influential factors
B. Conversion rate optimization checklist
C. Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting

A. Analyze influential factors

According to a Baymard Institute report, the average abandoned checkout rate on online stores is 69.82%, implying that only three out of every ten customers complete their purchases after adding products to carts. As a result, if your store's success checkout conversion rate is less than 30%, you must quickly identify the root causes and conduct an analysis of influential factors in order to optimize this rate.

The process of examining the factors that influence the conversion rate from Checkout initiated to Complete checkout includes:

Checkout page interface: Double check to see if:

Your store's checkout page has been optimized or not, which layout is being used: 1 page or 3-step checkout, and does it require customers to sign up or sign in to pay?
Trust indicators on the checkout page: Is there anything on your store's checkout page that affects payment security or customer trust?

Prices (product prices, shipping fees)

Is the product price changed (higher) or is there any additional fee applied?
Are the promotions stated in advertisement pages or product pages applied in the checkout page or not, are there any additional discounts provided to benefit the customers?

Payment provider: Does the payment provider work, and are customers familiar with the current payment provider?
Online support: Does your store provide live support when customers need to contact you?
Archive of abandoned checkout customers: By checking cart abandonment, you can find the causes of customers who abandoned their checkouts for example, payment gateway error, customer's payment card error, etc.

If you find that the checkout conversion rate of your store is lower than the standard rate, you should check and analyze the above factors in order to find a solution and make the necessary changes.

B. Conversion rate optimization checklist

1. Checkout Page

Trust Indicators

Adding trust indicators and badges to build confidence in the checkout process.

Payment Info (Email, Shipping Address, etc.)

Consider using A/B testing to evaluate the effectiveness of a one-page checkout or a multi-step checkout.
A one-page checkout simplifies the payment process but may not be suitable for all customers.

One-page checkout
Shipping Fee

Clearly display shipping methods for buyers to choose from.
Ensure transparent communication about shipping fees to prevent cart abandonment.

By following this checklist, you can optimize your store's conversion funnel, enhance user experience, and ultimately increase your store's conversion rates.

C. Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting

The checkout page gives a bad impression of the interface

One of the most common reasons customers do not complete their payments is that their mindset shifts when they see a checkout page they don't like, or worse, they don't see the information they need.

At this point, you must ensure that the store's checkout page interface has been optimized in terms of form and that the information provided on the page is complete. For example, is the checkout page one-page or three-step? Is there enough product and price information? Is the logo/store name consistent, clear, and professional? And, if you are in the customer's point of view, you should feel comfortable and ready to pay in that store.

Promotions do not work on the checkout page

Additional fees for product and shipping, as well as taxes, are one of the most common reasons for customers to abandon their cart (about 60%). Please adjust your store's order shipping fees to be reasonable; if possible, free shipping should be provided.
Also, ensure that any discount codes you promote or offer to customers are valid and applicable during the checkout process.

Untrustworthy checkout page

One of the top ten reasons why customers do not complete their payments, and 18% of customers believe the website is unsafe and untrustworthy enough to enter payment information. As a result, you should include all necessary trust indicators in the checkout page to put customers at ease: trust badges, logos, SSL certificates, and so on.

Conversion rate optimization tips for ShopBase/PrintBase/PlusBase stores
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Updated on: 17/11/2023

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