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In the store conversion funnel, when your customer has reached the product page, searched, and added the product to the cart, the purchase is already 50% complete. To help increase successful conversion rates, we will guide you on how to analyze and optimize the Add to Cart to Checkout initiated step.

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A. Analyze influential factors
B. Conversion rate optimization checklist
C. Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting

A. Analyze influential factors

According to analysis and reports, the average rate of the Add to cart to Checkout initiated step is from 60%. If you discover that your store's rate is lower than expected, you should begin analyzing factors on the store in general, and on product pages in particular, to determine the root causes.

Below are some of the factors that can impact and influence the customer's decision in the Add to Cart to Checkout initiated step that you should analyze:

Is there any obstacle in navigating the customers from the shopping cart page to the checkout page?
Product image: If the product image you provide is inconsistent with those in the ad campaigns, or the image is not realistic or of poor quality, customers are likely to abandon the cart.
Lack of trust indicators on product pages: product reviews, security/safety information.
Whether or not the promotional information on the ad is actually applied on the product page or cart page, or whether it is clear enough (free shipping, discounts, etc.).
Whether on the product page or the cart page, too many other related products are suggested, causing the buyer to lose focus on completing the main product purchase.
The Add to Cart button has been placed in the proper location, making it easy to recognize and use even on mobile interface.

B. Conversion rate optimization checklist

1. Product images

Consistently display product images throughout the view product, add to cart, and checkout processes.
Ensure that the product information (colors, sizes, etc.) in the cart page matches the information provided in the product page.

2. Factors that build trust with the customers

Increase customers' trust using trust badges, payment security, etc. in the cart page.

3. Promotion information

Clearly disclose the promotion information in the cart page, and make sure that it matches the information advertised in the product page.
Detail all free shipping information, discount amount, etc. (if any).

4. Optimized navigation on the product and cart page

Do not place too many upsell offers near the Call-to-Action buttons to avoid distracting the customers.
Limit the use of popups that appear after the customers click on the Add to Cart button as this will disrupt the buying process.
Set up redirection when clicking the Add to Cart button to direct the customers to the cart page or the checkout page.

5. Optimized Call-to-Action buttons

Colors of the Add to cart/Buy Now buttons need to be vibrant and easy to spot, using contrasting colors.
Too many product suggestions and offers around the Add to Cart/Buy now buttons should be avoided.

C. Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting

Customers add products into their carts but do not proceed to checkout

This can happen if the store displays product suggestions for upselling to customers, distracting them and causing them to go see more products while also disrupting the conversion funnel. Alternatively, the product's price may have changed after it was added to the cart.
Perhaps the store policy is not sufficiently enclosed in the product description, so the customers will likely leave the policy page after adding to cart to learn more.

Discounts do not work after adding products into cart

In this case, you must ensure that the product promotion information/discounts are correct and consistent throughout the view ads, view product, add to cart, and checkout processes.
You need to double check your store's discount and shipping fee set up to see if they are working properly or not.

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