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Webpages contain information that rarely changes or that customers will reference often, like About Us,Contact Us or Legal Info page. There is no limit on how many pages you create in ShopBase. Even though pages are supposed to have static content, but that does not mean users cannot update them. Pages can be updated as often as user want to update them.

This part will introduce with you how to create a new webpage for your online store in just a few easy steps!

Step by step Tutorial:

On ShopBase admin site, go to Online store > Pages. Click on Add page, you will be directed to a new webpage editor.

Add Title and Content for the given text boxes.

Webpage title will be displayed on tab or the browser's taskbar. It will also be used as title in the results of search engines.

The content in the webpage content editing field will be displayed in the same way as online version for visitors to view. You can format your text and change its color by selecting options in the text editor. You can also insert the following elements into your web page such as links, tables, images, and videos. To edit the HTML code for the page, click the HTML icon to view the content as HTML and make the changes:

Add link to your webpage

Highlight the content you want to insert link and click on the link icon as below. Insert link in Link to field. Click Save.

Add Google map to your webpage

In Google map page, enter the address you want to create a map.

Click Share icon to open sharing options.

Click Embed map to create your embed codes

Choose the map size you want, then copy the code into the text box. The embed code will start with <iframe src= and it is a tag written in HTML code to embed the map.

In Content field, click on HTML symbol to view your HTML code for your website:

Copy the code you take from Google, copy it in any place you want your map to appear in your website content.

Click HTML button again to switch back to the webpage editor from the HTML viewer and preview your map.

Click Save.

In Visibility field, you can choose whether you want your webpage to be published or not. By default, your new webpage will be on display when you click Visible.

Click Save.
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