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Activate European Payment Methods for ShopBase Payments

Navigating the global e-commerce landscape requires a versatile payment system. ShopBase Payments, our internal payment gateway, efficiently minimizes blocked accounts and delays. In this article, we spotlight our European payment methods—a tool to penetrate the EU market, diversify clientele, and increase conversion rates and revenue. Read on to explore how to activate these payment options and elevate your ShopBase experience.

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A. Supported European payment methods
B. Activate European payment methods
C. Handling rejection or deactivation of payment gateways

A. Supported European payment methods

ShopBase is currently offering six key payment methods that cater to a wide range of customers:

Credit Card
SEPA Direct Debit

Additionally, we also offer two buy now, pay later options to provide your customers with greater flexibility:


B. Activate European payment methods

In your ShopBase store dashboard, go to Settings > Payment Providers.

From here, you will see Your ShopBase Payments account statuses. Look for the expand option and click on it.

You will find an option for European payment methods. Simply toggle this on to activate these payment methods.

To enable the desired payment method, click on the Activate button located beside it.

C. Handling rejection or deactivation of payment gateways

Payment gateways may face rejection, or some payment methods may undergo automatic deactivation under certain circumstances. When such situations arise, an email notification about the status of your payment account will be sent to you.

Bancontact is deactivated
It's important in these instances to check your email promptly to understand the status of your payment account. You should contact the ShopBase support team to learn more about the case.

Please be aware that a deactivated method cannot be reactivated. If you attempt to reactivate the deactivated method, an error message will appear.

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Updated on: 17/05/2024

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