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Understand Upsell analytics

Upsell is a ShopBase application that helps increase the value of a customer's shopping cart by encouraging them to add complementary or upgraded products to their purchase. An upsell analytics dashboard is a tool that provides e-commerce businesses with insights and metrics related to their upsell performance. It gives you an overview of your store's performance, so you can make adjustments accordingly.

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A. Understand Upsell analytics
B. Analytics of each Upsell offer

A. Understand Upsell analytics metrics

On admin dashboard, go to Apps > Boost Upsell.

You can view analytics for all Upsell offers here. You can choose a date range to view the data. If you don't select a date range, the store analytics page shows today's data by default.

You can view the Total Sales from Upsells. This is the entire revenue that comes from recommended products by Boost Upsell.

Total Orders with Upsells is the total orders of customers who purchase extra products via suggestions of Boost Upsell.

Average Order Items with Upsells is the AOI rate from orders that Boost Upsell recommends to customers.

For PlusBase stores, data coming from Automated Upsell will not be counted in this dashboard.

B. Analytics of each Upsell offer

You can also view the analytics of each offer created to measure and evaluate its effectiveness by going to Upsell tab.

The current offer types that support analytics for each offer are Pre-purchase, In-cart, Post-purchase and Bundles. We are also working to update enough analytics for the remaining offer types in the near future.

For each offer, you can see the active date and last updated time in the Summary section.

You can track the performance of each Upsell offer, including information about sales, number of views, number of sessions in which customers added item(s) to their shopping carts, conversion rate, and number of orders.

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Updated on: 07/09/2023

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