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All warnings, requests, notifications from Moderation team will be sent to sellers via the email and phone number you signed up for ShopBase. Kindly check the inbox frequently to get in touch with us timely.

To maintain a healthy and trustworthy platform, ShopBase Moderation team will strictly make sure that all active business are integrity and legal. Therefore, in some specific cases, we will restrict your access and take down your stores and accounts without liability.

Please read this statement carefully before starting your business with ShopBase.

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A. Takedown reasons

B. Takedown process

C. Notes for buyers

A. Takedown reasons

Buyers reported the store as scam, non-shipping business or frauds

If the buyers suspected a store as scam, frauds or non-shipping business, they might contact ShopBase team with the order confirmation email to report.

We understand that each type of products needs a different delivery time. However, If the sellers can not provide a tracking number or any documents related to the shipping process, it can be suspected as fraud and we will consider blocking them.

After receiving the report, within 48 - 72 hours, if our Moderation team fails to reach out to the sellers or the store can not provide any plan of action for those orders, we will block the seller account and shut down all their stores.

Infringements on Intellectual Property/DMCA

ShopBase supports the protection of Intellectual Property and DMCA and asks our users to do the same. If any side contacts us via this form to report an infringement, we will work with the Reporter to verify their Proofs (Trademark/ Copyright License). In the end, if the store was accused as Infringing on Intellectual Property, we will take down the violated products.

With this case, sellers have 72 hours since we contacted to send us the response. If a store is selling several violated products, we will consider taking the whole store down and notify the sellers.

Violating other terms of Service

ShopBase's Term of Service

By violating any of the terms mentioned in that statement, you will receive emails from to require some actions. If you do not meet the requirements, your account and related stores might be shut down immediately.

B. Takedown process

Notify the sellers

Right after spotting the problem, we will contact the sellers by emails and phone calls. It is required that online merchants to reply within 48 hours (With specific or serious cases, it will be 24 hours

Verify the business

If the seller responds with qualified documents, we will mark it as qualified
If the seller does not respond on time, it will be marked as unqualified

Finish the takedown

If the seller is qualified, we will ensure the buyer that products are on the way.
If the seller is unqualified, the accounts and all related stores will be blocked immediately.

C. Notes for buyers

ShopBase is an E-commerce platform that online merchants can freely choose their fulfillment services. Payments and fulfillments are made by the sellers themselves. While you can report a suspicious business for us, the best solution to protect your credit is to contact your bank.

ShopBase always tries to bring you a powerful and trustworthy shopping ecosystem where sellers and buyers can both have advantages. If you suspect a business as scam, please let us know via or
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