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Understand PrintHub app

PrintHub is a Print On Demand (POD) selling app that helps sellers connect with fulfillment parties that ShopBase directly cooperates with. PrintHub is like a lite version of PrintBase, but only for fulfillment. You can create stores on ShopBase and manage print orders processing through PrintHub.

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A. What is PrintHub?
B. What are the advantages of PrintHub?

A. What is PrintHub?

PrintHub will help Print On Demand (POD) sellers quickly customize and create products, import them to storefronts, and fulfill orders automatically.

PrintHub will help you handle products automatically, reduce the burden of store operations and create high quality products that are delivered to customers within a short period of time at super preferential prices.

B. What are the advantages of PrintHub?

Synchronize all products from your store to PrintHub

PrintHub will be connected to your store once it is set up. Your products can be designed on the app and all the data can be synchronized with your store.

Create new products and importing to store

You can create your products easily using your designs, customize product description, and instantly add those products to your online store.

Automatically handle PrintHub orders and update daily data

If your customers buy products designed by PrintHub, those orders will be synchronized with the app so you can manage the orders with PrintHub.

Partner with one of the best suppliers in the printing industry

Acknowledging that finding a qualified printing partner is not a simple task, we found and have been working with one of the best suppliers in this industry to help save your time.

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Fulfill orders via Print Hub
Understand Print Hub product costs
Understand Print Hub order status
Understand Print Hub shipping policy
Set up payment with Print Hub
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Updated on: 24/08/2022

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