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Understand PrintBase pages

In addition to pages like Home Page*, Product Page*, Shopping Cart Page, Checkout Page, Collection Page, PrintBase has also created pages such as About Us, Contact Us, or Order Tracking. Once a PrintBase store is created, some pages will be set up by default to comply with our policy.

There are 2 kinds of pages: Non-customized pages and Customizable pages

In this article:

A. Non-customized pages
B. Customizable pages

A. Non-customized pages

The Non-customized pages are pages that involve the Fulfillment process or Legal information. These are pages that cannot be customized and viewed from Website Builder, including:

Intellectual Property Violation
Submitting evidence guidance (This is the guideline that helps buyers upload evidence(s) once they claim their orders)
Order Tracking
Contact Us
Product Sizing

B. Customizable pages (with some conditions)

These are pages that cannot be customized for their content, however, you can add Custom text to add store’s uniqueness. This feature helps you register with Google Merchant Center easier if you would like to. These pages include: Shipping, Return & Refund policies, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy)

Once click Customize, you can add custom text to these pages. You can add this text at the beginning or at the end of the legal page.

You can customize About Us page like a normal page. The page About Us can be also customized. You can edit this page (Look & Feels, General, Content, SEO & Social Sharing as you wish. The page About Us is customizable to help you add your store's uniqueness and this will create more information of a detailed E-commerce website.

Create a new page
Edit a page
Delete a page

Updated on: 18/05/2023

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