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Understand PrintBase delivery cost and time

In this article, we will help you understand the cost and shipping time of PrintBase orders.

About shipping time: Delivery time of your order depends on the destination and the type of ordered product. Different products will have different delivery times. Please go to PrintBase's Catalog then find the product you want to see its shipping policy and click on that product. A dialog box appears, scroll down to see the delivery time in the Shipping time column and shipping cost in the Shipping cost column.

About shipping fee: Shipping cost of the order depends on the destination, the type of ordered product and the quantity of the order. Seeing the shipping costs for each product has been shown above. In the event that an order consists of products with different shipping charges, the item with the highest price will be considered the first item and the rest of the order will be charged as additional items. Additional item shipping costs are also charged differently for each product, which can be found in the dialog box above the Additional items column.

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Updated on: 09/10/2023

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