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Print Hub is a POD selling app that helps sellers connect with fulfillment parties that ShopBase directly cooperates with. Print Hub is like a lite version of PrintBase, but only for fulfillment. You can create a storefront on ShopBase and process an order through the Print Hub. This section will help you to calculate the total cost of your product and to set a reasonable price for your items. After completing a design, you will know how much it will cost to print the product, but will not include shipping or tax charges.

Catalog price: basic price of a product, including one-sided printing cost (either fronts of the item). You can view the price under each product in Catalog.

E.g the Catalog price of Unisex T-shirt is $5.49

Product cost: shown on the product pricing info edit page during the process of creating a new campaign is the final product cost that includes the printing costs of all designs on all sides of the product. Shipping costs and taxes are not included. If your product has only 1 side, Product cost = Catalog price. If the product has 2 sides, Product cost = Catalog price + $5

For example, a Unisex T-shirt is printed with 2 sides, the front and back, the Product cost will be calculated by the system as $ 10.49

Total cost: the costs include all the fees you have to pay to providers such as product costs, tax and shipping charges.

Total cost = Product price + Tax + Shipping fee

For Tax, it will be based on the customer's pick-up location tax rate and Shipping fee will be charged based on the customer's receiving location.

You can see this cost by clicking on the order in Print Hub >> Manager Orders >> All orders.

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