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Understand PlusBase 1-month free subscription fee program

PlusBase 1-month free subscription fee program is designed with the goal to reduce merchant's cost while running business with PlusBase and optimizing order profits. This program is applicable to both merchants who are using subscriptions and those who are in their free trial (14 days). In this article, we will give you an overview of PlusBase free subscription fee program.

The 1 month free subscription fee program will be applied in the following conditions:

Merchant can get their next month subscription fee of PlusBase for free when they get 10 orders in the current billing cycle, or during the free trial period for new stores (users using free trial need to activate plan to be applicable).
Orders will be counted 1 day before your current subscription cycle expires. Only orders with payment status as paid, valid orders without any cancelation, refund or fraud are counted.
Any existing promotions, such as a coupon or a combo, will be saved for later use after the 1-month free subscription period expires.

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How is My PlusBase Order Profit Calculated?

Updated on: 28/06/2023

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